quarta-feira, agosto 27, 2008

My useless day.

Life´s not been so easy without Marina around. I have nothing to do and nothing else I would do. I have lots of things to study but I´m not up to anything.

I've been to USP today but I was so sleepy that I couldn't pay attention to a word the teacher has said. Í'm considering the possibility of going there again to watch this class properly, with the night course.

Today I've sent an e-mail to my Anthropology teacher, to check if he needs someone to work at his lab. The scientific method annoys me, maybe I 'll feel better if I 'm studying something more human, if you know what I mean.

Oh, how I miss her. There is only one word that illustrates my feeling, and it is in Portuguese: Saudade.

segunda-feira, agosto 25, 2008


Well, as the only pals who may read this are on Facebook and they´re primarly from overseas, I´ll start to write here in English. It´s a good way to keep using and improving the language. So, I ask you all to please correct me if I spell wrongly some word or if I write something that is not understandable.

First of all, I am very sad and lonely. My girlfriend went las wednesday to a 6-month trip to Paris. She has a scholarship from the University and now she´s there to study at Paris-IV. It´s unbearably hard to be here without her, so we face it by speaking and seeing eachother every day on skype. It´s not the same thing, but it´s the best we can do.

I am saving my money to go there for a visit. Maybe a forthnight. I´m still studying the possibilities, once I can´t just stop going to the classes and stop working. I think the best period will be december.

Another thing is that my band is finally going to studio to play every week. In september or october we´ll play live at my University, at the Biology college. In november it´s time to play at History college. Let´s see if we can be rockstars!

Begining the post with Well, finishing the post with Well.

segunda-feira, agosto 11, 2008

E em Pequim...

Não aguento mais ouvir o hino dos EUA nas finais da natação....

Mas como esse Phelps nada, hein? Vai se foder!