quinta-feira, outubro 09, 2008


Courage has risen from the deepest place
The Earth was blessed with such kindness and bravery
Humanity has seen the history of life
And the heavens were here, down with the mortals

There´s no bad weather, there´s no false truth
No one could take her from her faith
No one could take her from her duty
A whole life to build a myth

She came from above, and she came for good
The sun as a guard and the moon as a shelter
The stars were the company, the cold couldn´t hurt her
A strong heart, a warm soul, a friendly smile

Earth has lost a huge heroin
But has won a great myth
No one will ever be who she was
No one will ever know someone like her

We´ve learnt a lot from her acts
We´ve smiled and kissed
We were never alone when she was around
And we´ll never forget what she teached.

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